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Galgotias University-  Placements,Infrastructure and All Details

Galgotias University (known as GU) is a co-educational private university in Greater Noida (NCR) in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Previously known as Galgotias Educational Institutions, it was granted university status in 2011 by the Uttar Pradesh government. Galgotias University was established by the Uttar Pradesh Galgotias University Act No. 14 of 2011 under section 3 of UGC Act 1956.
The institution was established by the Smt. Shankutla Educational & Welfare Society as Galgotias Educational Institutions in 1999. It was established to provide engineering andmanagement education to students from every walk of life, and the institute still thrives on this policy. Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI) originally had three colleges:
Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT) established in 1999, a management institute
Galgotia's College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) established in 2000, an engineering college
Galgotias Business School (GBS) established in 2007, management institute approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Apart from academics Galgotias has always indulged in publishing and other activities providing their students full market and industry interactions.

Galgotias University has a its main campus (Galgotias Education City) in Greater Noida near Jaypee Sports Complex (Buddh International Circuit) while the original campus called Galgotias Educational Institution Campus One is in Knowledge Park-II right beside Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.
Galgotias University has two campuses in Greater Noida.
The old campus known as Galgotias Educational Institution Campus One in Knowledge Park phase-2 of Greater Noida.
The new campus is 10 km from Campus One and is at the Yamuna Expressway on the outer of Greater Noida.

Schools/programs offered
Galgotia University is a new-age educational institution providing education in a wide spectrum of disciplines. The university has set up 13 schools which offer various courses under them:
School of Engineering & Technology
School of Business Administration
School of Finance & Commerce
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
School of Basic & Applied Sciences
School of Architecture & Planning
School of Law & Legal Studies
School of Medical and Allied Sciences
School of Nursing
School of Hospitality & Tourism
School of Media & Communication Studies
School of Education
School of Bank Recruitment Competition

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"These were the details you can easily get by searching Galgotias University on Google. But through this Blog, I aim to let you all know the real inside story of Galgotias University. I hope it will be helpful for you all."

You Should Know

First of all you should know that Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology(GCET) and Galgotias University(GU) are separate. GCET is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University(UPTU) whereas GU is just a Private university. GCET is called the Campus1 and GU is called the Campus 2. GCET is situated in Knowledge Park phase 2(Opposite to Pari Chowk) of Greater Noida and GU is around 12kms away in front of Buddh International Circuit, on the outskirts of Greater Noida. 



Infrastructure Of GU

GU Entry
The Campus1 is well planned and designed and looks great. Whereas the Campus 2 which is the Galgotias University will look better after around 5-10 years. Talking of the present, the Galgotias University has 3 blocks ready namely A Block, B Block and the C Block. The D Block is the Boys Hostel. There's a lot of construction work going on inside the campus. 
Only the A and the B Blocks can be said to be ready, but even they are not ready completely as they lack roofs and railing glasses on the floors. At first sight, the A and B Blocks look beautiful from inside and they really are. But in summers, some of the classrooms where you will have to attend the classes, lack adequate windows and they get heated up. There are AC vents in every classroom and laboratory but they work rarely, really rarely! In a classroom of around 60 students (in B.Tech.) there are only 4 fans. So, to beat the heat you need to race to get the seats under the fans before your batchmates occupy them. And if in case, you don't get that seat then you will just have to wipe your sweat from your face during the lecture. And in that case, the A and the B blocks won't seem beautiful to you anymore. 
Actual View Of GU from Yamuna Expressway

A Block From Inside

It's a different scenario when in the rainy season. The A block lacks roof! So, unfortunately whenever it rains, you can see the drops falling inside the A Block. The A block gets water all over the floor and then that water flows into the classrooms at the ground floor. Thankfully, B Block has a roof. The C Block is newly built and yet not ready completely, there's still a lot of work going on there. Only the classrooms, faculty rooms and the toilets are ready. There are 5 floors in each of the blocks, but C Block lacks a lift so, if you have your class on the 4th or the 5th floor, you will have to take the staircase every time. The A and the B Blocks are inter-joined whereas the C Block is separate. Outside the A and the B Block there's the canteen area where you can have anything you wish to eat or drink. The canteen area lacks grass on it, so many a times you may get sand on your food or drink, because of the winds blowing in the open area. Moreover, there are houseflies too. Still I really love the Masala Dosa there. In between the A,B & C Blocks there is a vacant space partially grassed, un-levelled which you will have to cross by walking if you wish to go to the Hostel or the Workshops. The Hostel and the Workshops are the D Block. In Front of that vacant space there's the university ground, which is not so good. I think my school ground was much better as it atleast had grass all over and was quite levelled so that I don't get my ankle twisted if I am playing football. Across the ground, there are 2 basketball courts too. That's all you need to know about the Infrastructure of GU.

Academics at GU

Obviously you didn't like the infrastructure much but as far as Academics are concerned, you are at a decent university. The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced and many of them are Ph.D. Talking of B.Tech., most of the professors are from IITs or NITs or other reputated institutions. There are some who have done their B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D., all from IITs. In other courses too the faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. The student can clear his/her doubts by visiting to the respective faculty member's cabin. Also a great thing in Galgotias University is the WebSIM. Every student gets his/her Login ID and Password and can download the notes uploaded by the faculty members on the WebSIM. Students can even check their attendance on the WebSIM and can know their Results and everything they need. There are libraries in the university too from where you can issue the books you require or the novels you wish to read. Moreover, there are adequate number of Laboratories, Workshops and Computer Labs for practical knowledge of everything you study. 
Attendance : Attendance is a major criteria that affects a student's life here in Galgotias University. Unlike most of the universities, GU asks for a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject before the commencement of each of the exams in the semester. If in case a student has his/her attendance less than 75% then he/she will be debarred from giving the exams. So, if you're a student reading this then mind it, you won't be able to bunk many classes and if you're a parent reading this then feel good your child is in safe hands.Also, Ragging is strictly prohibited!

Placement : Placement is an important factor! I won't right much but don't worry Galgotias University offers great placements. Many famous companies visit the campus for recruitment of students and an average of 80% students get placed up in the companies successfully(as of 2015). They get average packages of around 3.20 -5.00 lacs per annum and the highest packages are exceptionally high. So, if  you're hardworking then placement won't be an issue for you here at Galgotias University.

Computer Lab

Campus Hostel & Connectivity

First of all, you should know that there's no hostel for girls in Galgotias University(Campus2).
The D Block is the Boys Hostel inside the campus. It is a multi-floor hostel which is ready upto the 5th floor(as of February 2015). The hostel is built well with great furniture and finishings. There are about 100 rooms on each floor. In each room two students can live. The rooms are provided with 2 almirahs, 2 beds, 2 tables, 2 chairs and every room has a balcony too. There is a n option of taking an AC or a Non-AC room. There's no room with cooler facility. The rooms are painted white and the floorings have white tiles too. They are good to live in. But if we are talking of the hostel then we just don't need the room, we need facilities too. The toilets were built great but some of the students living in the hostel have destroyed the water sprayers of the toilets, so you have to sit with a mug on that european pot. The bathrooms are good. But there's leakage of water from the roof many times. Don't know whether that water comes to the pipes of the toilet or whether it goes! Sometimes, there is shortage of water too. For all students living in the hostel there is just one tap to fill drinking water. The food in the Mess is good and sometimes bad as there is a variety in it on different days. You surely will miss home made food if you live here. There is Wi-Fi inside the hostel but to use that you have to pay. In winters, there is no provision for hot water. There is provision of laundry. If you give a trouser for laundry today then it will be returned to you washed and ironed the next day and that will cost you Rs.10/- . You can keep speakers with you in your room, so sometimes the loud music played by others might disturb you. There are wardens in the hostel, but there is not much strictness. Also, there is nothing much around the campus hostel to visit. So, if you wish to spend a Sunday with your friends roaming around then you will have to take an auto-rickshaw from outside the college to take you to Pari Chowk, that will cost Rs.30/- per person. And if in case you are travelling alone to Pari Chowk from the campus then you will have to pay around Rs.120/-.
If you wish to travel to Delhi from the campus then first you will have to take an auto-rickshaw from outside the college that will take you to Pari Chowk in around 20 minutes and will cost you Rs.30/-. From Pari Chowk you will have to take a bus to take you to the Botanical Garden Metro Station in around 45 minutes and that will cost you Rs.23/-. From there you can take the Delhi Metro or any public transport to reach your destination.

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