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Play Playstation Games on Your PC

Have You ever wondered or thought of playing a God Of War and WWE smackdown in PC? Sounds crazy but it isn’t impossible now. The ps2 emulator for PC makes it possible to play ps1, ps2, and psp games in pc.
Right from the beginning i am speaking about emulators most of us doesn’t know what is an emulator, An emulator is a software that allows you to run PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP,Wii ,Xbox ,Game Cube ,Gameboy games on your PC. In short it allows you to play game of different gaming consoles on your PC.
You just need an iso version of the game to play. I prefer dowloading it from TorrentZwhere you can search for the games with the keywords of Ps1 or Ps2 or Psp to get the torrent;

Here is the Links for the emulators file. I have pre-configured it and tried it by myself it just works fine on my system. I recommend you to try this in a better performance system as the emulator takes lot of juice.

Ps1/Ps2/PsP Emulator
100% Virus Free Checked and verified by myself. If You have any problem in installing this emulator .. Leave a comment below
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