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Play Angry Birds On Any Mobile !!

Angry Birds, the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far can be played on variety of platforms like Google Chrome, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Androids, Pc, symbians, palms and a lot of platforms are in development stage. But most of these are touch platforms and are either touchscreen mobiles or Smartphone’s. But in this article i’ll tell you how to play Angry Birds on literally on any mobile phone, even those without touchscreen option.

There is only one requirement to play angry birds on your phone and that is your phone should support java, which comes as standard to every phone these days. Hence all we do need is a java file(some mobiles may ask for a jad file
google jar2jad converter and copy both jar and jad files into the phone)
Now there are two unofficial versions of angry birds ported into jar files
version 1 1.2MB
version 2 2.6MB
Download any of these versions, copy
them to your phone and install.
Have Fun!!
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