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5o best websites to download free mp3 songs

1.Download Any Stuff -Simple and easy search for mp3 songs. Just enter any song/artist name and get download links. Click on ‘Songs/Music’ on the results page to refine  results further..This enginealso allows search for softwares,ebooks,shared files etc.

2. tracks live recording torrents of bands.

3.Unsigned Band Web unknown bands sign up here to get noticed. Their songs are available for downloading. The site also maintain charts to show which of their songs are popular. – Aggregates music blogs and the search results link to the relevant blog posts.

5.Spinner – they give a free mp3 song every day and have been doing so for quite some time.

6.YayMp3 – search engine for mp3 songs.

7. Seekasong – Includes standard search and viewing artist by first letter.

8.Bloggdigger – Searches links of mp3 from blogs as one of the options. However, I could find some gif files also linked in searches for mp3.

9.Skreemr - easy searching on songs in simple google like search.

10.SsMunch –search engine for downloading MP3.The links takes one to Amazon for downloads.

11.Mp3 Find – though a small collection of mp3 files, it provides easy access and most of the links are working.

12.Download Music – they have a good collection of not so well known tracks. However, be patient with  broken links that you may encounter.

13.Garage Band – If you are looking for some cool obscure stuff, this is the place for finding it.

14 Dogpile-One can search through the audio option and get  links to download songs. However, the results seem to be somewhat limited considering the size of the engine .

Indie Rock Cafe offers download links on its blog posts.

16.Mp3Realm – Search and get download links on search page. The results seem good and auto suggestion   for the keywords as you type.

17.DMusic offers genre wise indie music.

18.Sideload - They have a large collection of free music which they claim is about 163,000 songs..

19. iCompositions –offers some free music. But you need to register to download.

The Internet Archive has a large selection of free music and audio books.

21. Jamendo offers tons of free mainstream and obscure music downloads.

22. Epitonic – though the interface is not very user friendly , there is still some free music to be downloaded.

23. Stereokiller has some great metal/punk/hardcore/ free songs.

3hive – This is a  music blog which has some cool download links in their posts.

25. One of the most well known mp3 sites.It has a section for  free music where there arelimited songs available for download.

26. has some free songs available. However, the rest of the site provides songs mainly for streaming.

27. D has all of its song collection for streaming and a good number of them fordownloading.

Last.FM has some free downloads too. Follow the link.

29. Blentwell has lot of DJ mixes, categorized by genre.

30.We7 – offers some free music files also besides
streaming.But you need to search a bit for the same.

31.MTV regularly offers a few  free mp3 downloads.

32. iSound –Though  mainly a music streaming site, it has some free music available on this page for download.

33.Mp3 Centre- Seems to have a good collection of mp3. Use search box to find the songs.

34.Wuzam Web 2.0 looks and allows searching, streaming and downloading music.

35.Plorf –create playlists or download. The site is little slow though.

36.SpiralFrog is offering free music also besides streaming. However, there are limitations on downloading and streaming in some countries and they are not uniformly available at all places.

37.Seekmp3 simply allows you to search, listen, download MP3 .
38.FilesTube – create playlists or download files .The results link to uploaded music on file sharing sites.

39.Lumerias – search and download video files.

40.Mp3gle searches mp3 files mainly from esnips and video files from youtube.

41.Beemp3 useful search engine for MP3.Just search ,find song,enter verification code and download.

42.Free kids Music.Looking for some cool tunes and songs for your kids .Check it out here.

43.Classic Cat – has a good database of links to free obscure music.

44.Maxalbums – offers complete albums with downloads taking one to file sharing sites. – has some good collection of songs (links) which can be downloaded from file sharing sites they link to.

46.Njouba- select the mp3 option and search the songs.

47.Mp3eq – search for artist or song name to find download links. – Another search engine to find mp3.

49.Its free downloads – useful for itune users to keep updated about the free music from itune.

50.Yourmp3 – checkout their collection of free songs and videos. Do leave your suggestion in the comments for any other sites that I may have missed.Enjoy your free music!

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