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8 Free Backup Tools For Windows

 For that I want to list out 8 (Eight) Free Windows Backup Tools and Softwares which can Protect your files from getting corrupted.
8 Free Backup Tools for Windows
FBackup- Easily backup important files and documents, personal settings and plugins.
ToDo Backup- Able to backup the entire operating system, program settings, browser data, emails and other data.
CloneZilla- Live CD to completely clone your hard drive.
SyncBack – Selective synchronisation, local and remote backup to an FTP server.
FreeFileSync- Open source folder comparison and sync tool. Optimised for speed and usability.
CopyTo Synchronizer- Wide set of options for backing up, updating, and synchronizing files.
DriveImage XML- Easily Backup or copy entire disks block-for-block directly to another drive without the need to reboot your computer to run the cloning process.
Mozy – Incredibly smart, highly secure, set-it-and-forget-it backup solution. Backups data to web.
 Download A suitable one for you and use it in your PC to Backup your Data securely.

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