Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame
Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame is about to help a prince to find his past to change his future. You are waited for by a fascinating travel full of obstacles, traps and enemies.
Features of Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame
  • Follow the epic storyline of the original game.
  • Explore 14 levels rendered in visually-stunning 3D.
  • Dive into 5 state-of-the-art environments.
  • Discover an exciting new combat system with multiple enemies and tactical challenges.
  • Unleash devastating combos and unlock even more powerful ones as you progress.
  • Acquire new weapons for increasingly thrilling fight sequences.
  • Experience the highly-acclaimed Prince of Persia platforming gameplay.
  • Choose between gesture-based touch controls or the classic virtual joystick.
  • Perform fluid and acrobatic moves to overcome challenges, or go step-by-step with “Cautious Mode”.
  • Unlock achievements and ascend the leaderboards.
  • Share you scores with Facebook integration.
How to Install?
  1. Download the apk file given below according to your choice
  2. just install it and enjoy by playing an amazing action game

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