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4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

#1. OverClock your Device and Improve the Performance

  • Generally most of SmartPhone users tend to complain about slowing down of device, internal memory issues, battery issues.

  • OverClocking is something that is related to your Device’s Primary Memory and Battery Life, which in deed helps you to speed up your device and improves the performance.

  • After rooting, the user gets access to the root of the device, which helps us to set our preferable CPU Voltage as well as ClockSpeed.

  • In order to OverClock or UnderClock our Rooted Device, we might require applications like SetCPU, CPU Tuner and Nofrills CPU and make sure that your kernel needs to support overclocking, as most stock kernels doesn’t support it you might have to search on the web for finding best kernel that supports it.

  • If you are concerned about battery life, then you have to UnderClock your device, and in order to improve the speed/performance you have too OverClock it. I’ll be writing the tutorials that helps you to OverClock or UnderClock your Rooted Devices soon.

#2. You can Move Apps to SD Card and can convert User apps to System Apps (vice-versa)

  • Rooting gives us the flexibility. We can move our apps from System’s memory to SD card. So, if you want to increase the speed of your device, it is always suggestible to transfer apps to SD card from internal memory.

  • Most of the custom ROMs have ability to take complete control over system’s memory and can install apps to SD card. If you’ve chosen a wrong Custom Rom or if your device doesn’t support a custom Rom that contains this capability, App2SD is one of the solutions that we are having to help us out.

  • We can uninstall System Apps, and convert the user app into the system app and vice versa. The Rooted devices force us to have System Apps which might not satisfy your requirement, but rooting breaks this limitation.

  • According to me, it is one of the biggest benefits that we are having.

4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

#3. Custom Rom – The real Rockstar

  • The major benefits of rooting your Android device is to have Custom Roms on our devices. These are so-called Operating Systems which works only on the Rooted Phones.

  • The major functionality of Custom Rom is to provide the user with a decent interface by improving the speed and potential of our rooted device.

  • There are many Custom Roms that are available on the web and you can download one of the best suited Rom for your device and I personally recommend Cyanogen Mod.

  • You can check how to install custom Rom and their related tutorials/troubleshooting issues on XDA Developers forum, which I regularly follow.

4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone
#4. Other things that you can do after Rooting your Android Device

  • We can Increase Internal Memory as well as RAM Speed.

  • Blocking the annoying Adds, as Google turned too commercial these days.

  • Can change Permissions for Applications, backup as well as restore them easily by using few dedicated Android rooted apps.

  • Security, Control, Anti-Theft access, and Increasing speed of Secondary memory while transferring are additional benefits.

  • Can Change the name of Device, Flash a custom recovery, special rooted apps and what not, you’ll have everything you’d expect.

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