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Finding Free Movies on YouTube Made Easy

Finding Free Movies on YouTube Made Easy

Use Instant Movie Search or browse the catalog by year of release

Introducing Zero Dollar Movies, a new site for movie buffs that will help you find and discover movies that are available on YouTube for free. These are full-length movies and there are no trailers or partial uploads.

The catalog includes a collection of 15,000+ movies, organized by their year of release, and new titles are getting added every day. You can find movies inEnglish, Hindi (Bollywood) and few other regional languages.

Instant Movie Search

One of the most useful feature of Zero Dollar Movies is Instant Search – you type a word and the site will instantly bring all the matching films that are available on YouTube for free viewing. The search feature is location aware and will only show movie titles that are available in your current geographic location.

The red-green ratings bar near the video thumbnails indicate the ratio of likes to dislikes and offer a visual clue on how popular that particular movie is on YouTube. If the red color is prominent, you may as well skip the video.

The movie data was sourced from YouTube using their data API and also /r/fullmoviesonyoutube, one of most active Reddit community where members post links to free movies on YouTube. I used Google Scripts to scrap Reddit and a copy of this movie database can also be downloaded from Github.

The Instant Search feature internally uses the YouTube Search API and queries the YouTube database directly instead of the Zero Dollar Movies database so the results are always current. The one caveat is that results may sometimes include paid movies as the YouTube API doesn’t offer a way to exclude rentals in search results, at least yet.

Finding Free Movies on YouTube Made Easy

Switch to Hindi in the dropdown and find bollywood movies that are free on YouTube

This is the initial version and, going forward, I do plan to add more features including integration with other popular movie databases like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Also, a little request. If you encounter a video on the site that has been removed from YouTube, maybe because it was not uploaded by the original owner or YouTube terminated the owner’s channel, please use the “Flag Video” button to report the video. [Zero Dollar Movies]
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