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Turn any Picture into a Cartoon without Photoshop

Turn any Picture into a Cartoon without Photoshop


is an online app that can turns your photographs into interesting cartoons without requiring any software. It’s a one-click process and yet the output is impressive.

Just upload the image from your computer or capture one live using the webcam and the cartoon image is ready for download. You can either convert the picture into a black and white pencil sketch or a colored one.

Befunky Cartoonizer – Also features a Wrap tool to distort an image.

Be Funky’s approach to design and photo editing is one that keeps you in creative control of your editing and designs. Think of Be Funky as the more formal editor to Instagram or the lesser version of Photoshop. It’s a nice balance of somewhere in between the two aforementioned.



Find a photo editor and collage maker at your convenience at the top right of the program. You’ll find that you can toggle between the two versions. The square icons on the left are used to navigate the effects, editing, photos, text and textures.


essentials- dashboard-befunky- webtoolswiki


Photo Editor Effects:

In this application the user can apply dozens of effects. The essentials include: changing hue, saturation, temperature, crop, rotate, exposure, sharpen, color mixer, soften and beautify.


Touch up your images, remove red-eye, soften the edges, move the focus of the photo and add fun color filters to your photos to make them look dramatic, soft, vintage and more. Make it black and white, give it a pin-hole camera effect, or a painterly and charcoal quality.


watercolor effect befunky webtoolswiki


Give your photos a watercolor appearance or a sketchy quality. Even add frames to your images that look like medium-format film. Add boarders, graphics, The effects are almost arguably endless.



One of the many benefits of this program is that it imports the font library from your computer into Be Funky. It also displays an array of typefaces that Be Funky has in stock for your creative use.


befunky typography settings webtoolswiki


The typefaces are easily categorized by their family type: sans serif, serif, typewriter, display, script, handwriting, pixel, gothic and featured. Find your font, and find it fast with this fabulous navigation.



Be funky has numerous textures that you can overlay onto your photo. Drop the opacity of the texture to make it less present and blend more with your photos. Use grunge textures to give your photos a grunge-vintage look, or bokeh for that magical appearance.


Texture categories include: favorites, bokeh, scratches, light trails, light leaks, fabric, grunge, paint, metal, bricks and paper. Use textures, blurs, and beautiful colors to create an artistic quality photo. Mix and match and create!


befunky texture effects webtoolswiki


Collage Maker:

Find your favorite layout for your photographs and begin your collaging journey! There are options that include building photo grids, big-photo-wraps, Facebook covers, Pinterest images and holiday cards. Play with spacing, rounding the corners and the image size.


befunky collage webtoolswiki


Save & Upload:

Saving photos is easy. Select the ‘save’ button at the top of the page, or choose to ‘upload.’ Users have the options to download the image to a computer, or upload the new artwork to Facebook, Webcam, Be Funky, Flikr, Photobucket or Picasa. Feel free to ‘sample’ the quality of your image before publishing by selecting ‘sample.’


upload in befunky webtoolswiki


Image Use:

Many of the icons, images, effects and graphics are free. You’re certainly not limited by playing in the free version of Be Funky. Desire more effects, a variety of graphics and photos? Upgrading is easy at $4.95/month or $24.95/year for personal use and $14.95/month or $99.95/year for professional use.


befunky pricing webtoolswiki



Find a community of people making photos and art on the Be Funky “Explore” section. Peruse channels at your leisure such as style, love, summer, pets and music. Users have the option to ‘like’ photos that give the creator points. Like, share or comment on the photos.


befunky community webtoolswiki


Similar Programs:

Be Funky is much like Pic Monkey and Canva. Why use Be Funky? It has a plethora of effects and filters that aren’t present in the other programs. And, you can integrate your own fonts.
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