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CyanogenMod Gets Android 5.1 And Stagefright Security Fixes

What has been the biggest concern for most of the Smartphone users with CynogenMod firmware is that when is it going to the plunge to Android 5.1. One more concern surrounding it has been the Stagefright MMS exploit. This has been a major hassle with the users as this exploit as researched by Zimperium could do things the users will have less control on. More than ever, the Nexus devices were believed to be at risk but with Nexus 6 Google has put up a major fight against it. Devices such as OnePlus One, Samsung as well as HTC are believed to still be vulnerable.

CyanogenMod Gets Android 5.1 And Stagefright Security Fixes
Users Are Able To Relax Now

The users of OnePlus One can particularly relax now as Cyanogen operating system 12.1 is coming up with the upgrade to 5.1.1 that will also keep the MMS exploits of Stagefright also at bay virtually. What it interesting is that those who cannot access the Cyanogen 12.1 right away can also take a sigh of relief as CyanogenMod 11 has also come up with some fixes which can let the users relax a bit?

It is possible that all the users of Android might not see the update right away but that is something not to be worried about as the CyanogenMod’s current version of your phone is also going to be updated soon with the fixes. Those fixes are in the pipeline.

About The Latest Update

The latest update of CyanogenMod of 12.1 will not only give access to 5.1.1, Lollipop SDK v1 but also IMAP idle support. A large number of devices shall have access to the update immediately but not all shall have it now. But, the rollout for all the devices will be done soon. Those who are wanting to get the latest update made available to their device can also opt to install from the pre-released builds. There are some devices listed on the “Good to go” list of CyanogenMod. These good to go devices are the ones that shall be blessed with the 12.1 version immediately.

Despite the fact that, less number of people has been using the Android version 2.2 or higher but they are still under the threat of the Stagefright exploit. The estimates were made and the number was alarmingly high. It is believed that more than 950 million phones are still under the threat of the MMS attack.

This threat has been considered the most fatal threat to an Android user till date. What happens is that Stagefright through the use of multimedia message attacks the user’s device with pre executed code, which cannot even been seen as a message. Currently, ninety five percent of android device users are vulnerable to this threat. As an end result, the users’ data on the device gets modified, stolen or even deleted on attack. The areas that are believed to be highest under the threat are the camera, Bluetooth, microphone and picture gallery of the device.

Not all is bad news though for the Android users. A number of updates shall be available for the users and the bug fixes will be done soon on all the versions of CyanogenMod. At present, the fresh update rolled out has been made on the version 12.1 and soon updates for other versions shall be rolled out.
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